Bandwagoning The Boys

One of the easiest ways to convince a woman to become a golf fan is to show her the men.

Unless she’s a gold-digger, then show her the purse of the Masters.

Don’t get me wrong (since I know you probably will): I’m not trivializing the game based on how pretty the guys are. The athleticism and skill, the mentality that even pros have to continually improve, the historic roots and everything in between make the sport amazing in its own right. Even further, the sport isn’t completely defined by men in an era of women like Lexi Thompson and Inbee Park.

But I’m not blind, for Christ’s sake.

Let’s walk through the whos and the whys of my birdie bucket list.

Photo: Cy Cyr Photography

1. Rickie Fowler

My number one spot fluctuates, but it always lands back on the Cobra cutie.

Reasons to love him:

  • He’s of Japanese and Navajo lineage, and he started the Rickie Fowler Foundation in 2011 to help those communities (yay charity!).
  • Puma and Cobra are easily the flashiest and most fun of all the sponsors, and Rickie gets to rep them every day. In the same way that Tiger rocks the red shirt on Sundays, Rickie rocks an orange get-up in honor of his alma mater, Oklahoma State University.
  • He’s a social media freak: one of the few guys to actively keep up on social, Rickie is all over Instagram and Twitter with his gorgeous face and quick wit. Meaning you get to look at him AND get a sneak peak into life on tour.
  • He was thisclose to becoming a pro on the motocross circuit, but chose golf instead.
  • He’s part of the musical band (I’m using that terms VERY loosely here) Golf Boys with good friends Bubba Watson, Hunter Mahan and Ben Crane. Because why not.
  • He doesn’t drink and, adorably, is a momma’s boy.
  • And lastly, he’s a fan favorite, especially with the youngens, and he knows it. He tries his best to be as cool as possible with the kiddies, and it’s reflected every time you see a Fowler clone following him along the ropes at a tourney.
Photo: Getty Images

2. Rory McIlroy

I can’t not love Rory. The accent, the intelligence, the body…he’s just the best. I will say, though, I do love his look from the 2009 season. Scrawny with curly hair is almost cuter than carved from stone by the Greek Gods. Almost.

Reasons to love him:

  • He was born in Ireland and his parents seem like the coolest people ever.
  • He’s kind of a beast- he just won the Open Championship, WGC-Bridgestone, and the PGA Championship (and was a part of the victorious European Ryder Cup team). I mean, come on. Dude has three of the four majors under his belt by the age of 25.
  • He seems sweet, aside from dumping his ex-fiancee via a short phone call before going on to win the BMW Championship (but that means he’s single…).
Photo: Getty Images

3. Jordan Spieth

This southern sweetie is a big favorite with most women because even at such a young age, he’s well-spoken, chivalrous and extremely easy on the eyes (but he’s taken, his girlfriend is gorgeous and wonderful, there’s no chance for the rest of us, blah blah blah).

Reasons to love him:

  • He’s a wee widdle one: He’s only 20 and he has a PGA Tour win and a Masters runner-up on his resume.
  • He started the Jordan Spieth Charitable Trust due in part to his little sister, Ellie, a cutie pie with special needs that Jordan loves to bits.
  • He’s only the second player (Tiger was the first) to win the junior amateur championship more than once.
  • He looks like a completely different human with his hat off. Seriously. It’s disconcerting (but he’s still adorable).
Photo: Getty Images

4. Jason Dufner

This dude doesn’t get nearly his fair share of attention.

Reasons to love him:

  • He’s famous for Dufner-ing: sitting slumped over with a blank expression on your face. Seriously, it’s a thing.
  • Also famous for patting his wife’s ass on live TV after winning the PGA Championship in 2013. He followed that up this year by making fun of himself: while hosting the PGA Championship dinner as the defending champ, he served “Butt-Rubbed” Filet Mignon.
  • This bro-y, beautiful moment.
Photo: Cy Cyr Photography

5. David Feherty

Though not technically a golfer anymore, Feherty is present at most of the tournaments in the form of a color commentator.

Reasons to love him:

  • He calls his wife “She Who Must Be Obeyed” in his writing.
  • He’s a recovering addict, and is ridiculously open about his challenges and the moments that made him want to get clean (and he still is, like a champ).
  • His books and writing are hilarious- almost as good as his analogies in hushed tones on the course.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Fred Couples: Silver fox. Funny. Also, silver fox.
  • Billy Horschel: Adorable and upbeat.
  • Martin Kaymer: Crazy good at golf and his German accent is dreamy (but only on him…that accent is scary otherwise).
  • Adam Scott: Aussie, former world number one, and gorgeous.
  • Bubba Watson: Has a pink driver, an adorable adopted baby, and the original Dukes of Hazzard car.

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