Bitching On The Bandwagon: The Playoffs Aren’t Fair

This playoff structure isn’t fair. NOT FAIR NOT FAIR NOT FAIR.

So, Rory McIlory, the beast that he is, might as well just take the FedEx Cup home now. Put it in his trophy case/room/wing. No one else deserves it after the season he had- two straight majors among quite a few other wins and impressive showings. But instead, the playoff point structure is going to put his chances at a much higher risk than he deserves.

The FedEx Cup isn’t a tournament. It’s the end result- a trophy and monetary prize- of the entire season. Players earn points on the PGA Tour based on how they finish in each tourney, with more points to be earned the higher they place. Essentially, the whole season leads up to the FedEx Cup. It’s kind of the Lombardi Trophy of golf (and also created by Tiffany and Co. Take THAT to your trivia night).

However, the playoffs (the last four weeks of the season) are weighted differently. This year, the playoff tournaments will be worth 5X as many points. Meaning a golfer can win once during the playoffs and shoot into the top ten ranking, even if he had only a slightly above average season.

Oh, and did I mention that the winner gets $10 million?

But…why? I realize playoffs (in any sport) are a big deal. But here’s the thing: in other sports, if you lose a playoff, YOU GO HOME. And the only people who even make it to the playoffs in other sports are the best of the best. A mediocre season doesn’t get you into a conference championship with a chance to go all the way.

I realize golf isn’t other sports, and I love it for that reason. But FIVE TIMES as many points? Seriously? That completely diminishes all the effort these men (read: Rory McIlroy) put into a consistent season in favor of the men who didn’t suck but also DIDN’T WIN TWO STRAIGHT MAJORS.

Rory has just as much chance to win the playoff tourneys as the other men in the field, but firstly, that doesn’t seem to be happening, and secondly, his season was unparalleled. He shouldn’t have to doggy-paddle his way out of a sea of other people’s playoff points to prove it.

As of right now, we have one tournament left- the TOUR Championship by Coca Cola- and it looks like Billy Horschel is going to rob Rory of what he rightfully deserves, just because he hit a stride at the most opportune moment.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here throwing a very unattractive temper tantrum, screaming about life being unfair, on behalf of Rory McIlroy.

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