Bandwagoning The Basics: Resources For Beginners

Even if you aren’t planning on teeing it up anytime soon, it’s nice to have a frame of reference before hitting the course. Take a look at some of these golf resources for tricks, tips and information.

Golf Digest: I love this magazine. I have a subscription and I follow them on Facebook. Their articles cover everything from how to drive it straight to what kind of music Jordan Spieth likes. Every skill level can find something in GD.

Golf Magazine/ Brought to you by the same company as Sports Illustrated, has comprehensive coverage of events and some cute feature articles to fill you in as you go.

Golf Channel: Though I’m referring to the actual cable channel, their website is pretty legit and so are their apps. And for the more dedicated bandwagoner, Golf Channel is all about the fantasy golf.

Facebook: I know this seems counter-intuitive, but seriously. Follow your favorite players, follow the big tournaments (most of them have their own pages) and follow the big courses. You’ll get a sneak peek of Tour life, updates on the tournaments and, in some cases, inside info about ticket discounts or giveaways.

Groupon: Another one that seems like a stretch, but I say again: seriously. If you’re looking to take lessons locally, you can probably find them at a discount on the site. If you’re looking for a cheap driving range or putt-putt to practice, they’ll have options. I’m sure you can occasionally find golf products as well.

Top Golf: TG is great for all skill levels, including people who hate golf. For those who aren’t familiar, TG is like a driving range and a dart board had a baby. It’s the bowling alley of golf: anyone can do it, and you don’t even need the equipment.

Deadspin: Any fan of any sport should be privy to Deadspin’s glory. Follow them on Facebook, troll their site, bookmark them for bathroom reading. Really. They’re hilarious.

In terms of equipment and clothing, it really depends on where you live.The PGA Superstore is a favorite of mine along with Golf Galaxy and Golfsmith, but outlet malls have Puma, Under Armour and other options for those of you who are brand loyal. It doesn’t have to be a golf store, especially if you’re a guy. Ladies…your options are few and far between, so online shopping will be your best friend.

Tip: Go for the used clubs and clearance clothes until you know what you’re doing. Actually, clearance clothes are pretty awesome no matter how good you are.

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