Bandwagoning The Basics: How Far SHOULD Your Clubs Go?

This is the mystery of golf, as far as I’m concerned.

I can’t figure out why I can hit my 9 iron almost as far as my driver (okay, I CAN figure it out – I suck at golf) and why my pitching wedge seems to be the easiest club to hit.

The answer exists. I just haven’t been able to adhere to it.

Let’s see if you have better luck.

Firstly, realize that the answer is dependent on A LOT of things. Age, gender, fitness, weather, skill level (obviously). The factors are endless, but there is a general rule for each gender.

This chart covers the gap well, and is in line with all other research I’ve done. And it might as well be a comic strip because 175 yards? HAHAHAHAHA no.

Club Men Women
Driver 200-230-260 150-175-200
3-wood 180-215-235 125-150-180
5-wood 170-195-210 105-135-170
2-iron 170-195-210 105-135-170
3-iron 160-180-200 100-125-160
4-iron 150-170-185 90-120-150
5-iron 140-160-170 80-110-140
6-iron 130-150-160 70-100-130
7-iron 120-140-150 65-90-120
8-iron 110-130-140 60-80-110
9-iron 95-115-130 55-70-95
PW 80-105-120 50-60-80
SW 60-80-100 40-50-60

Hybrids are a different story, but they’re easy to figure out: look at the number. They’re numbered based on the iron they are intended to replace. A 5-hybrid replaces a 5-iron and so on, so just check the yardage for the club they replace in your bag.

So why are there three numbers? Short hitters, midrange hitters and long hitters (looking at you, Bubba Watson). I’m in the midrange when I actually make contact with the damn ball.

I think I hit a chunk of turf some 60 yards last time I practiced with my pitching wedge on grass. So…progress.

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