Bandwagoning The Big Names: (I Don’t Like) Tiger Woods

Unpopular opinion: Tiger Woods sucks.

Not necessarily on the course (though that’s been questionable at some points as well).

I acknowledge the fact that he’s the Michael Jordan of golf. He really is one of the most impressive athletes I’ve ever seen, with records that I doubt even CAN be broken by mere mortals. He also single-handedly widened the audience for golf and made it exciting to watch.


Dude’s a dick.

Obviously much of that opinion was formed around the bullshit he pulled when he was married to Elin.

To refresh your memory: Elin, a former model, met Tiger at an event in 2001. They later married and had two children. In 2009, a story broke exposing Tiger’s “cheating scandal,” and though Tiger tried to deny the allegations, Elin did a little snooping and found more truth in the rumors than she probably could have imagined.

Elin flew off the handle (as most women would, given the fact that she found proof of her husband’s infidelity ON THANKSGIVING after a family dinner), chased a woozy Tiger out of the house and down the street with a golf club.

There were police reports and divorce papers and WOMAN after WOMAN coming out of the Woods-work (see what I did there?) to claim they’d gotten it on with the Nike athlete in exchange for hush money and a glorious night in the sack. He lost sponsorship deals, millions of dollars and most importantly, his golf game.

Now before you go and assume I hate him for all the obvious reasons, stop.

Photo: Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters
Photo: Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters

The man has an addiction. He entered rehab for it. This wasn’t just a man who was bored with his married life and wanted to spice it up with a quick lay. I’m not so blinded by a hatred for cheating that I can’t see there was a much larger issue at play.


He supposedly admitted to more than 120 women. There was proof of at least 15. That’s EXCESSIVE. That’s “I’m Tiger-fucking-Woods and I can do what I want” mentality, and that’s not okay. That’s not an example to set for all the kids who looked up to him, especially the minorities with whom he was hugely popular, and certainly not a great reflection of other pro athletes and public figures. THAT’S the beef I have with the cheating. I think it’s awful in any marriage, but I’m not naive enough to think that he was the first (Kobe, anyone?). He was just the worst.

Aside from how many hours he’s clocked without pants, I also dislike his overall demeanor. He’s short, condescending and sometimes rude to the reporters who are just doing their job and to the fans who pay hundreds of dollars to see him. Without the reporters, no one would know about his accomplishments. Without the fans, no one would buy tickets to his events or buy the products he gets paid millions of dollars to wear. Those are the two demographics he should treat like royalty because they MADE HIM.

Don’t get me wrong, reporters can be intrusive. Fans can be assholes. But those are rare cases. Tiger is ALWAYS acting like he wants to be anywhere but where he is. He’s all about his own accomplishments and seems like he couldn’t care less about the success of other golfers on the field. It’s one thing to be competitive and another to think the entire world revolves around your mood swings.

The man makes millions of dollars, even after the cheating scandal rocked his world and he fell from grace. He has loyal fans that will follow him across the planet, stopping at every whorehouse from here to St. Andrews if need be. He has a natural talent for golf and the ability to hone a skill that people would kill to have.

He could at least act like he enjoys his job.

*UPDATE* I’ve (sort of) loosened up about my opinion of Tiger. The 2015 season has not been kind to this man, and 2014 wasn’t much better. He’s SO hard on himself and everyone has an opinion, a suggestion, a quick fix.

Guys, he holds himself to the same “Tiger Woods” standard you all do, and that’s why he can’t get out of his own head. This man was bred to be a prodigy from a very young age and failure isn’t something he takes well. He wants to be back on top, but the harder he pushes, the farther he falls. And the media is making sure to document every moment.

I feel for him. But I still don’t like him.

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