Bandwagoning The Big Ones: The 2015 U.S. Open Championship

Thursday, June 18:

Not a good day to be Tiger Woods. The 15-year-old qualifier Cole Hammer shot better than the legend. Not by much, but still.

Also, this happened.

Sports Tiger animated GIF

Rickie damn near aced a hole for an albatross (but he’s still got some work to do if he wants to stick around past tomorrow).

Jordan is doing what Jordan does: making putts and taking names.

Phil Mickelson’s chase for the Grand Slam is still going, but he ruined a great start with an iffy back nine.

Friday, June 19:


Also, can we talk about how BAD Fox Sports is at covering golf? I’m pretty sure this guy just mispronounced “Rickie” as “Richie.” Please, just stop.

Saturday, June 20:

Unsurprisingly, Tiger missed the cut. So did Martin Kaymer and Bubba Watson though, and Phil and Rickie BARELY held on for the weekend.

Nothing particularly exciting other than Jason Day fighting through vertigo symptoms to land at 18 with a share of the lead. The players hate the course because it’s hard; the fans hate the course because it’s not built well for observation. Basically, everyone is a whiner.

Oh, and Jordan is up there with Day, tied for first. So obviously I’m rooting for him. Two straight majors for the 21-year-old? Yes, please.

Sunday, June 21:

Happy Father’s Day!

Billy Horschel “lost respect” for the USGA because he’s pissy about his poor putting, Twitter lost respect for Bill Horschel because he shot his mouth off, and Rory McIlroy charged his way up the leaderboard with the kind of performance he should have put up on Thursday.

But it wasn’t enough.

The back-and-forth between Spieth, Day and Dustin Johnson went on for most of the round,

Dustin had it on the 18th. HE HAD IT, but thank God the pressure got to him because now JORDAN SPIETH IS THE U.S. OPEN CHAMPION! Johnson could have eagled for the outright win- he missed- or birdied to force an 18 hole playoff tomorrow. But he JUST missed the birdie and Spieth took the trophy.

That’s the first two majors of the year, in the bag for the Texan. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy crying right now.

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