Bandwagoning the Big(ish) Ones: Presidents Cup 2015

I’m pretty sure I’m only writing this blog as an excuse to use that cover photo. Because COME ON. #TeamSpieth

I’ll be honest and say I don’t care for the Presidents Cup – I realize the men are playing for love of country, but this is really just a practice round to rub the Ryder Cup in the faces of the rest of the world’s players.

If the USA wins, no one will be surprised – we’ve done so the last five times. If the international team pulls it out, there will likely be some controversy that detracts from their victory. Not because they aren’t good enough to win, but because that’s how American media will likely cover it.

There isn’t much to watch for, and this is coming from someone whose favorite players make up much of the American roster. So far the most amusing thing about the tournament is how many times publications and social media posts have to be corrected when they inaccurately use an apostrophe in “Presidents.” Riveting stuff, guys.

However, it’s on, so we might as well talk about it. But first, can we discuss this?

I don’t…but…why would we turn them into Pixar-looking, oddly proportioned avatars? Are we that desperate for the youth to watch (and that out of touch with what would actually achieve that)?

Day one: USA comes out in beast mode, puts some crazy shit on the board for a 4-1 lead by the end of the evening.

The morning after: No one is even talking about the impressive showing on behalf of the USA (because like I said, it was expected) but they are talking about Rickie Fowler’s bottomless pit of a stomach, the difference between Korean BBQ and KOREAN BBQ, and PB&J sandwiches.

Day two: Phil Mickelson made a boo-boo, Sang-moon Bae made a birdie and made more of a spectacle of the players’ wives than they did anything else. Seriously with these WAGs galleries? I scrolled through my Facebook timeline at lunch and counted six – SIX – articles and images of wives/girlfriends versus one article about the tournament.

Day three: It’s close (ending the day with a one point difference), but it’s still in the USA’s control.

Day four: TEAM USA WINS! Just like we all thought they would.

Bill Haas, captain Jay Haas’ son, was slightly contested as a captain’s pick even though he would have been next in line for qualification. Turns out, he won the tourney for the USA.

Overall, this was kind of a disappointing end to the season. The drama and excitement of the Ryder Cup far outweigh that of the Presidents Cup and honestly, match play is kind of boring.

Also, no Spieth versus Day rematch? Boooooo.

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