People Still Read (Golf) News?

I would bet a small amount of money on the fact that I’m younger than you.

I’ve said before that I’m one of the least likely demographics for golf (and one to whom they rarely market the game) and that generally means I break some rules and do things differently. I’m a golf rebel. Or something.

Staying informed on all things golf is no exception to my rebellion. I recently asked some older golf friends how they keep up with the Spieths and the Days of the world – by reading Golf Digest? Watching Golf Channel when there’s a tournament? Stalking social media and following every golfer they love?

The answer was a resounding “I don’t do anything, really.” Most of them have subscriptions to Golf Digest; it was given to them as a stocking stuffer by a wife or child and each issue finds a cosy home in the bathroom. By the time they get to it, any news is months old and even the features are dated. One of the friends quoted a piece about the Masters…in September.

They also watch the tournaments in bursts – usually Saturday and Sunday if their families allow it (or football doesn’t conflict). They’ll gather news and see replays, but they’re usually too busy standing in front of the TV, emulating Jordan’s putting stroke to really retain the info.

They also aren’t active on social media – cue the relevance of the age gap. I’m consistently breaking news to them – not big news like “Jordan Spieth wins (insert literally any tournament name here)” but smaller pieces like Tiger’s “tedious and long” recovery. Or I’ll reference something amusing or cute – Adam Scott in a kangaroo suit, Michelle Wie eating things that shouldn’t be eaten, Bubba’s baby becoming official – and they’ll have zero knowledge that such a thing even existed.

I blame social media completely. If you look at my Facebook feed, it’s 70% golf, 20% friends’ babies and 10% Cosmopolitan articles (swap out “babies” for “cute dogs” and you’ve got an accurate view of my Instagram). I follow every news source and every golfer that I like (and even some I don’t…*cough* Tiger *cough*) and I’m constantly finding new pages.

I use Twitter entirely for golf – I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I have a deep-rooted dislike for the platform on a personal level, but the golf news is up to the second and I can BS with fellow golf lovers. Between the weekly #golfchat and my melancholy updates as I try to learn the sport, my Twitter reads like an obsessive teenager’s ode to her first love.

While Instagram isn’t as informative, Facebook is well on its way to news/world domination. I’m served posts from the players themselves, the PGA, the USGA, the golf courses, Golf Digest,, Bleacher Report, Deadspin and so, so many others. I’ll see the same post written four different ways over the span of an hour.

Jordan Spieth and his siblings took a cute photo? Saw that. The 13 most villainous golfers in history? I can name them. Rickie Fowler threw down a drinking challenge and Danny Lee barely picked it up? Yeah, I know. All because of social media.

I’m not even 25, so I fall into the unfortunate category that is “Millennials.” We’re constantly connected, we have to be amused at all times, we have no attention span and frankly, we’re kind of insufferable. But I know more about golf than the average bear (and the average man) so I’ll consider that a win overall.


My not-so-secrets, shared: Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

Golf Digest: Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

Bleacher Report: Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

Deadspin: Facebook and Twitter

Golf Channel: Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

PGA Tour: Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

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One thought on “People Still Read (Golf) News?

  1. Love the blog and totally agree. I can’t tell you how many people who are hardcore golfers who don’t know who Geoff Shackelford is. That being said, there are only a few sources of info and you are right, people recycle the same stories rather than break them. There needs to be more voices and more sources of info and hopefully golf fans will get onto the social media bandwagon and demand more content. I count your blogs as a cool new voice keep it up!

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