And The Winner Is…

This week, #golfchat was punctuated with a little something extra, as Zeb Welborn announced the winners of the (much-anticipated) #GolfChatties.

We’d all been asked a series of questions, allowing us to nominate our favorite chatters for #golfchat awards. We had categories like Best Playing Partner, Best Golfchat Instructor, Funniest Golfchatter and so on, and we were able to drop some names.

I was nominated for Best Golfchat Blog, Funniest Golfchatter and Best Golfchat Bio. In the end, I took home (drumroll please…) BEST GOLFCHAT BIO! I’m convinced it’s entirely thanks to the photo of me Dufner-ing.

So here it is, in all its glory – the reason I was irrationally hyped (and did a legit victory lap in my living room) last Tuesday.

*Note: I’ve since changed my Twitter handle to @golfbandwagoner. People like things simple.


Golf Chatter Bio: @bndwgnrsgd2golf

Real Name: Cassandra Norris
Location: Bloomingdale, IL

What Do You Order from the #GolfChat Bar?

A favorite from my bartending days – Angry Balls. Served in a pint glass over ice; one shot Fireball + Angry Orchard Hard Cider. Top off with cherries.

How Did You Get Into Golf?

I had ZERO interaction with the sport prior to the age of 22. My father has never seen a flagstick as far as I know, and no friends were ever into it. That changed when I met my roommate – a HUGE golf fan. He watches, plays, putts around the house – it’s an obsession. He had a tournament on TV one day and I absent-mindedly zoned into it. I realized after an hour that I’d been watching intently and was rooting for certain players. After that, I bought a boxed set of clubs to try my hand at the game and now I’m constantly glued to Golf Channel.

What Are You Doing in Golf and Why?

First and foremost, blogging about it. I watch religiously, read every story about it and discuss it with anyone who can stand to hear about my dislike of Dustin Johnson. But I’m also a passionate beginner working my way through the stages of learning the sport.

Favorite #GolfChat Topics?

Topics that are off-the-wall and off-the-course. I’m not just into golf because of the tee times. I want to talk about the players, the industry and everything else that happens within the sport. I’m happy to talk about my experiences, but I’m not nearly as passionate about last weekend’s bogey as I am about Rickie Fowler’s social media sass.

Favorite Golf Quote?

“They call it golf because all the other four letter words were taken.” – Raymond Floyd

Favorite Golf Destination and Why?

I haven’t golfed it (yet) but I absolutely adored being at TPC Sawgrass for this year’s Players Championship. The course was gorgeous and I had legitimately meaningful interactions with the players that I blog about.

Also, I got lost on the back nine on Saturday, but that resulted in me meeting Fluff, Jim Furyk’s caddie. We’ll call that a win.

How Do You View the State of the Game of Golf?

This is a loaded question. I like most of what I see, otherwise I wouldn’t be into it. However, I hear complaints that the sport is dying or that not enough young people and women are into it, but then (as a young woman) I’m patronized and degraded when I step onto the course.

It’s bad enough that the sport is tough – so beginners are more likely to give up – but you pile on the rude comments and golfers who are impatient with newbies and you create zero incentive for me to want to be a part of this world. Luckily, I’m thick-skinned, but I can see why women and young people would choose other avenues.

Who Are Your Favorite #GolfChatters and Why?

Obviously @ZebWelborn (it’s like the obligatory thanking of the Academy, but he really is awesome), and I’ve had great back-and-forths with @MarkKagaoan, @3JackAlmanac, @cencalhack and @todd_fitness.

Favorite Golfers and Why?

I’ve named every club in my bag (and my glove) after favorites, but the abbreviated list in no particular order is:
Rickie Fowler
Jordan Spieth
Fred Couples
Jason Dufner
Jim Furyk (but mostly because I love his wife, Tabitha and his caddie, Fluff)

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