Caddyshack Is NOT The Only Golf Movie, You Guys

Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE me some Bill Murray. I admittedly prefer him in Kingpin (I also bowl…two very different skill levels in two very different sports), but Caddyshack is a comedy classic.


That is not where the sport in cinema starts and ends.

Seriously, guys. If you haven’t seen these, you aren’t a real bandwagoner (or you were born after the 90’s).

In no particular order:

1. Happy Gilmore: GET IN YOUR HOME. Adam Sandler had a string of movies in the 90’s that were somehow awful and hilarious all at the same time. HG is no exception. Aspiring hockey player Happy finds himself in the world of golf after his grandmother loses her home. Between Christopher McDonald playing essentially himself (or so I would guess, based on the hair) and Bob Barker punching Sandler in the nose (SPOILER…my bad), it’s a win.


2. Tin Cup: Fun fact, this actually came out the same year as Happy Gilmore. Starring Kevin Costner as Roy McAvoy (say it quickly and it sounds like Rory McIlroy…which has thrown me for a loop on more than once), this romantic-ish comedy is one of my favorites. McAvoy had success in his younger years, but now he’s working at a driving range. When he sets his sights on a new lady-friend (his rival’s girlfriend, because Hollywood), he jumps at the chance to qualify for the US Open and get back in the game.


3. Legend of Bagger Vance: Remember when Matt Damon was this cute? This movie is more fluff than anything else, but it’s definitely worth a once-though. There are some racially insensitive moments, but Will Smith does a great job as the title character. There’s war, romance and some ridiculous mystical moments, but it’ll give you the feels.

4. The Greatest Game Ever Played: Little Shia LaBeouf, back before he was mentally unstable and kind of bizarre. This Disney movie follows the true story of the 1913 US Open, when Francis Ouimet (LaBeouf) competed against his idol and famous golfer Harry Vardon. Very family-friendly, this movie is upbeat and culturally confusing when you really stop to consider the accents.


5. The Caddy: Most people haven’t seen or even heard of this flick, but it should be considered a classic. Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Donna Reed head up this insanely talented and funny cast, with the golfer-caddy relationship creating humor and tension throughout. The cameos from real golfers like Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson make it that much better.


6. Seven Days in Utopia: Significantly more dramatic than the others on the list, this Robert Duval film is kind of sappy, but in a good way. Duval’s character helps a young golfer move past the failure of a bad start on Tour and into the future (cue dramatic music).

7. Caddyshack: I said it wasn’t the only movie, not that it wasn’t the best.

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