Bandwagoning the Brands: Spunkwear

The day has come: I’ve cheated on Puma.

Until recently, I’ve avoided ads and reviews on my blog because I’m more interested in entertaining you than showing you a pretty new golf club that we both know I can’t hit to save my life. For now, I’m still turning down offers to straight-out advertise, but I’m making an exception to my “no reviews” policy for a clothing brand for women called Spunkwear.

My first thought upon being asked to review their line: “So many words out there, and you went with SPUNKwear?”

I still feel this way to an extent, but now that I’ve explored their clothes and learned about the company’s background, I get it. They’re spunky. They’re bright. They’re trying to disrupt an otherwise expensive and inclusive golf fashion industry. They sent me a skort to try, and I suited up and went to our local park to run some drills.


Though they’re by no means discount clothing – prices start in the $40 range and average about $60 per item – they aren’t charging $50 per stitch like some of the bigger names in golf apparel. My go-to has always been Puma, but even when I stumble upon a winner at an outlet store, their pieces easily run into the $60 range. Price-wise, Spunkwear had my attention.

The company has only been around since 2009, but it seems like they have a decent grasp on what sells well with the female golf crowd. The problem is, “female golf crowd” is such a varied demographic that it can be hard to please everyone at once.

For the younger (and cheaper) women, Spunkwear’s skirts/skorts are brightly colored with cute patterns, with little-to-no logo recognition. Brand names might as well be an accessory in the golf world, BUT it’s much easier to mix and match what you have in your closet when you don’t have a giant swoop across your back pocket. I have trouble wearing a Nike shirt with a Puma skirt, so a comparable pattern on a comfortable skirt gives me a little more leeway to use the clothes I’ve already purchased.

To appeal to the older ladies on the course, the brand’s cut is modest and their patterned dresses are cute, athletic and reasonably priced. I personally wouldn’t wear a dress on the course (skirts are weird enough for a person who spends approximately 72% of her life in yoga pants), but these dresses are pretty multi-functional. They definitely have personality and flair, but you could golf in them, hit the beach, or even use them as a summer dress. For a piece of clothing that caps out at $99, it’s a justifiable (and enjoyable) investment.

My biggest issue with many of the brands I buy is the material – we want flexible, quick-dry, sun-proof golf clothing, but many times that leads to stiff skirts that bunch in places they should not be bunching. Sometimes the issue is design; I have a couple skirts with a pleat below the zipper, which is intended to provide mobility but puffs up and out so often that you spend measurably more time fiddling with your front than a lady should. I can confidently report that Spunkwear’s design and fabrics check off the right boxes: flexible poly-spandex (similar to what you expect from a golf shirt), SPF rating of 50+, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free and awkward pleat-free. Additionally, the skirts have three pockets and no zippers – two pluses in my book.


For those who are Team USA all the way, Spunkwear’s pieces are made here, with their headquarters located in Maryland. Because I was curious, I started researching where other brands – Puma, Nike, Adidas – were made, and promptly fell into a Wikipedia hole, but not before concluding that USA isn’t high on any of their manufacturing lists. This doesn’t bother me to the point of boycott, but it’s an interesting point in Spunkwear’s favor on the golf brand pro/cons list.

Ladies, Spunkwear is probably already in a sporting goods store or pro shop near you, but you can see their entire line of skirts (along with tennis, yoga and other sporting apparel) on their website.

Guys, if you’ve made it through this entire review, I have two thoughts for you: firstly, I applaud and appreciate you, and secondly, Spunkwear is seriously a one-stop shop for your significant other, daughter, sister or mother. And buying them cute golf apparel is the first step in convincing them to hit the range or course with you (it’s the same psychology that goes into us buying you candles…it’s more for our enjoyment than yours). It’s a win-win.



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