Bandwagoning the Bucket List

I have a thing for lists.

I keep a list of books I’ve read, ones I need to read, gifts I should buy people, recipes I want to try, places I want to visit and probably a few dozen others that are varying degrees of mortifying.

Given my propensity for all things organized, I suppose it’s no surprise that I have a few golf lists floating around on post-its and in journals. Blogs I need to write, courses in my area I’d like to play, a list of the clubs I’ve named after PGA pros…I need a list for all my lists.

In keeping with my neurosis, I’ve been casually making a bucket list for 2017, but realized that a large portion of the list pertains specifically to my golf goals. I also have a general bucket list – the “skydive, get a tattoo, marry George Clooney” kind – and recent pages have been taken over by golf-specific dreams and destinations.

Instead of collecting notes and random thoughts all over the place, I’m committing my golf bucket lists to a life on the bandwagon.

2017 Goals

  • Play five new courses
  • Birdie at least one hole (so far, my personal best is parring the last hole of my first golf outing)
  • Attend at least three pro golf events (Champions Tour totally counts)
  • Blog at least twice per month (with the occasional vlog thrown in)
  • Play night golf
  • Learn a trick shot
  • Find a course near me with GolfBoards
  • Meet at least one more #Golfchatter in person
  • Introduce at least one person to golf

My goals don’t stop in the short-term. I’ve been slowly adding certain (arguably reasonable) wishes to an overall golf bucket list, while avoiding ridiculous ambitions like “Play for the LPGA.” Success in a tournament format would be a happy accident, but since I still haven’t mastered wearing my golf bag and walking through a doorway without damaging things, I doubt I’ll be teeing it up with Lexi Thompson any time soon.

Golf Bucket List

  • Get paid to write about golf
  • An ace (obviously)
  • Attend the Masters
  • Have a club membership
  • Shoot 80
  • Attend the Waste Management Open
  • Golf in at least five different countries
  • Play in a tournament
  • Attend the Ryder Cup
  • Golfing road trip
  • Attend at least one LPGA event

It goes without saying that the list is ever-evolving, but for now, I simply have my sights set on “play more than twice this season.” Gotta start somewhere.

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12 thoughts on “Bandwagoning the Bucket List

  1. Hey Chicago,
    For someone who’s entire blog is predicated on a golfing bucket list (Canadian courses, mind you) this is strong. Based on your interests to play, I’d add playing sun-up to sun-down one day. That remains one of the coolest golf experiences I ever had…72 holes on an isolated yet beautiful 9-hole course in Nova Scotia set right on the ocean. Had the course to myself except for this little red fox who followed me around holes 2-4 each time I walked by. Took breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner in town or else I could have gotten another 36 in easy. Great list and I look forward to ongoing updates as you both check off items and add more to it. And lastly, I have a cousin who lives in your fair city so if my schedule allows a visit I’ll contact you and we’ll tee it up. He has access to some amazing courses so we’ll let him take care of all that! We’ll show up and create some divots.
    Cheers, Mike

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    1. Golf from sun-up to sun-down sounds phenomenal, and so does a tee time with you! I wish you’d adopted the little red fox, because I’d like to meet him as well 🙂

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  2. Lists are fun. Good luck on your short-term and long-term items!

    I thought my golf trip this year was going to see me in the Windy City, but it looks like we’re heading to Iowa (Quad Cities and Cedar Rapids). Go ahead and laugh, but there’s some really underrated golf in the Hawkeye state. Unfortunately, most of it is private.

    If I may suggest, the Solheim Cup is going to be in Des Moines in 2017 and Toledo, OH in 2021. It’s not quite the Ryder Cup, but it’s still a good environment. And, unlike with the gents, you don’t have to fight galleries 5-10 deep. If I could, I would check out the Walker Cup the next few times it’s in the states, as they’re going to some of the best courses in the U.S. over the next few events. LACC this year, then Seminole, then Cypress Point!

    I’m hoping I can make at least one day of the LPGA event in Indianapolis this year. Would like to hit up other tournaments, but probably can’t for varying reasons. I think I’m coming up on 10 years of not having attended The Memorial, which is beyond disappointing.

    For perspective, I played in my first handicapped tournament within 3 years of taking up the game. It was a harsh dose of reality. No breakfast balls. No gimmie putts. I don’t play many tournaments any more, but I would highly recommend it. Can’t speak for Chicago, but in Cincy, there are a number of Handicapped Amateur Tours.

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    1. I’d actually love to see the Solheim Cup, so that’s an interesting thought…and tournaments are a few years away for me, but one day I hope to at least tee up for charity 🙂


  3. You know you’re a real golfer when… your golf bucket list starts to dominate your life bucket list to the point where they need to become separate lists.

    That’s a cracking golf bucket ya got there, chock fulla the common threads that bond many-a Joe & Jane Hacker (just wait until the arrival of the inevitable off-shoot of the golf bucket list, the course bucket list). I’m still trying to get to The Masters about 25 years after it first appeared on my list. The lone golf goal that straddled my golf & life bucket lists was becoming a member at a private club before age 35 (that’s typically when the young-member discounts stop)… unfortunately life circumstances have put that one on the back of the stove until retirement (if I’m lucky).

    Nice opening to your piece, by the way. Your writing is getting better. Not sure if it’s a function of your available time or writing experience, but one of the things I’ve always struggled with is brevity. Nice display of it here.

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    1. The course list will work its way into my life sooner than later, but right now I just need to get comfortable enough on ANY course before I start getting too adventurous.

      And thanks – it’s certainly not a function of my available time, as most of these pieces are written on a lunch break while I scarf down a Hot Pocket, but I’m always grateful for a composition compliment 🙂


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