Course Confessions

Any fellow golfers feel this way?


9 thoughts on “Course Confessions

  1. Hey Cassie … I have played every week with a (once) beginner for nearly a year … and guess what … she was really slow too. She’s now shooting under 100 (just this month) and is taking money from me all the time (she has a handicap index).
    My rule to newbies … 10 swings max a hole. If you haven’t sunk the putt by 10, pick up. 10 is the most you can score on the Equitable Scoring Control (ESC … it’s on every USA). That kind of helps speed up play … and, yes, if you have a group waiting on you, finish a hole (by putting out or picking up) and wait until they are done, then let them play through. (Another way to let someone play through … just leave your ball where it is and wave them up)
    We were all where you are … some of us old-timers like myself that didn’t pick up the game until recently (adopted niece got me into the game only because I got her into the game … now she kicks my butt anytime we play) and help to grow the game want you out on the course. And even some of the old golf salts want you there … even if they are waiting at every hole. It’s the other newbies that have been playing consistently for a few years that tend to be rude and in a huge hurry. Just relax and have fun. Golf is a game … and it’s really (REALLY) hard, so enjoy it … learn the game … find a few friends that love it as much as you (or find someone that can truly help your game along) and play. It’s none of your business what other golfers think anyway. Just be courteous when you can, pick up when you’ve taken 10 swings and enjoy the day!

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    1. Thanks! I really enjoy the day once I’m out there, it’s just the hurdle of actually teeing off before I get anxious. I’m excited for warm weather to finally stick in Chicago so I can get out there!


  2. Cassie,

    I remember feeling apprehensive at golf when I first started playing . . . I became a golfer when I owned my golf game. Don’t worry about what other people think while you’re out there, just be kind and courteous and you can’t go wrong. I play fast enough to keep up with the group in front, try not to slow people down and play by the rules as much as I can. But, ultimately, I’m there for my enjoyment so that comes first and foremost.

    Next time you play, own your game and you’ll get past that transition.


    PS – If anybody gives you any sh*t, just remember they’re the a*holes.

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  3. Hi Cassie. Shying away from the problem is never a good fix. You say you’ve played golf for 2 years but could count on one hand the amount of times you’ve actually played. There in lies the problem. Get out on that course! Everybody has to start some where. And 5 or 6 games in …yes, you’re still a beginner. Embrace it. Get out there. Go to the range. Hit balls. Practice and play is the only way to improve and start your enjoyment of the game. Which actually sounds like the real problem. You seem more worried about the people behind than the ball in front of you. Be damned with the ass hat if he complains. Do you think he started and was a young Tiger Woods right off the bat? Golf is a game you / me /we will never master. But once you’re bitten there’s no going back. Play well 👍🏻

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    1. Thanks, Alan! Chicago is just now warming up (sort of) so I’m really looking forward to spending more time on the course this year. Fingers crossed the ass hats keep their ass hattery to themselves. ⛳


  4. Wow! I assumed you been around the game much longer! I think you’re in a good place; you’ve taken lessons, get out to play when you can, and definitely seem to enjoy it. First tee jitters are completely normal. Golf is hard enough as it, let alone when there are total strangers judging your every move. Play your game and have fun doing it. My advice, take no more than 6 strokes on a par 3 and 8 on a par 4 (double par) when there’s a group behind you or playing with strangers who seem to be concerned with pace of play. And of course there are those people who nonchalantly play two balls a hole and take their sweet ass time when there’s others waiting, don’t be that person haha!

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