Application timeout vs session timeout

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2019-08-26 08:39

Jul 17, 2008 We have an old. NET 1. 1 web application which I have to support and a recent change in the login process for a select few customers has been causing haywire with every users session.What is the different between Session Timeout and Idle Timeout in IIS? Browse other questions tagged iis sessiontimeout applicationpool or ask your own question. application timeout vs session timeout

IIS: Idle Timeout vs Recycle. Ask The negative impact of both is usually the use of your Session and Application state is lost if you mess with Recycle to a

application timeout vs

Hi Experts Please can somebody defineexplain for us the difference on a Windows 2003 Server running IIS6 between 1) Session timeout (ie open IIS ManagerWeb Sessionstate timeout, on the server and it also seems like I need to set the application pool idle timeout as have anything to do with session timeout.application timeout vs session timeout In Microsoft IIS 7. 5 What is the difference between the following entry in the Session State Timeout Web applications use this data to process requests from the

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IIS7 Application Pool Idle Timeout Settings. When the user logs off(session timeout) from the application, the allocated memory to the user is freed up. application timeout vs session timeout Dec 20, 2011 Hi All, How to set session timeout in web application. In my application I'm using Login page and with the help of login credentials I'm reading services by using credentials as sessions data insid Thanks for the quick reply. I understood the difference between Connection timeout and session timeout. And for your question, in my application I had to do the session expiration check for 20 min and there should be a 5 min warning before the session