Samsung galaxy s4 galerie album erstellen

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FAQ for Samsung Mobile Device. Find more about 'How do I create albums using tags on my Samsung Galaxy S4? ' with SamsungSo erstellen Sie auf dem Samsung Galaxy S4 ein neues Album in der Galerie App. Dazu mssen Sie folgende Anleitung durchfhren. samsung galaxy s4 galerie album erstellen

May 28, 2013  How to create a photo album on the Samsung Galaxy S4 SIV How to create photo album samsung phones Buy your Galaxy S4

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Use Story Album and Create Your Own Albums on Samsung Galaxy S4. Create an Album from the Gallery on Samsung Galaxy S4. 1. Feb 27, 2014 Hi I've noticed if I create an album on the S4 Gallery, it creates this by default on the Device storage. Any way I can default it to store on SD Card?samsung galaxy s4 galerie album erstellen The Gallery app on the Galaxy Tab seems to have a mind of its own when it comes Looking for Online Images with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 plus other Gallery albums.

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Oct 29, 2014 I went into my gallery yesterday to find it had changed. I've found it really annoying as i preferred the original layout and can't find a way to get samsung galaxy s4 galerie album erstellen Sep 14, 2016 galaxy s4 photo gallery All you have to do is go into your albums in your gallery and pinch the screen to get one large samsung galaxy s4 gallery How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera and Gallery App Problems? Samsung Galaxy S4 is surely an exceptional Smartphone, but it came up with a good number of issues, and one of these issues is Camera and Gallery app problem.