Giffgaff mobile data not working 2015

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2019-09-22 15:44

giffgaff offers its customers Internet and mobile phone services, which operates on the O2 network. And because they do not have customer service help, your complaints have to be handled by online message board system agents.At first I selected 'O2 PAY AND GO' and suddenly my mobile data started working but because most articles on the community said 'giffgaff' should be used, I set up a new APN. Originally, following the instructions on the link I put up (which are supposed to be the most up to date), the mobile data did not work despite restoring to defaults my giffgaff mobile data not working 2015

Hi, my data has not been working since Thursday night. 2 of my housemates use giffgaff can have their data working with my other housemate and I had our data down.

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giffgaff Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is listed on the Financial Services Register. Firm Reference Number. Registered address giffgaff Limited, 260 Bath Road, Slough SL1 4DX. Company Number Hi, new giffgaff user here. My data was working fine for a few days and now nothing. I have not used up my allowance, not even close. When I turn the mobile data on the symbol doesn't come up on my top bar and I havegiffgaff mobile data not working 2015 @ncjducret @giffgaff why is my data not working in france, even with data roaming on? 14: 48: 16 @fleetdani @giffgaff is there a problem with the network in lancaster? im getting only 12 signal bars and phone calls are very static and unclear.

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So, since the past couple of days my data hasn't been working. I've tried everything I could to get it started. I tried restarting my phone after taking out the simcard amd putting it back in. My APN settings seem correct as well, I checked them on the site, but my data still doesn't seem to work. Would like some help now to figure this out. Thank you. giffgaff mobile data not working 2015 Illegitimate data usage When we see that a member appears to be using their giffgaff SIM against the Terms and Conditions of their goodybag, we may suspend their Internet connection temporarily. Illegitimate usage includes using an Always On goodybag with a tablet or dongle, or for tethering once usage exceeds the full speed allowance. Hi, if your GG settings are correct try a soft reset on your phone, make sure data is turned on, or you can use this guide for a new APN, Connection Name: giffgaff