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Visual Studio 2017 Platform Targeting and Compatibility. Visual Studio 2017 Support for Windows and Windows Phone 8. 1 and 8. 0 are not supported in thisAt Microsoft our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the Support is ending for SQL Server and Windows Server 2008now is the time windows phone 8.1 web sql

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I I need to build a client app on Windows Phone 8. 1 to communicate with a remote SQL database. Building a local database on the device is supported but I can't find information on how to connect As of January 2017, the following list represents some of the products reaching end of support in the next phone 8.1 web sql Jul 24, 2015 Try adding the SQLite. Proxy reference to Windows Phone 8. 1, in my case it was added to Windows 8 and 8. 1 proyects but not Windows Phone 8. 1

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How to connect MS SQL database in windows phone 8. 1. Browse other questions tagged c# sqlserver webservices windowsphone8. 1 windows phone 8.1 web sql List of Microsoft codenames Codename was reused for Internet Explorer 4. 0 and Windows Desktop Update Windows Phone 8: Blue NA Windows Phone 8. 1 WCF Service to Insert and Retrieve Data from SQL server 2012 Express and Call it in Windows Phone 8 Calling WCF Web Service from Windows Phone 8 All database operations on Windows Phone are performed using LINQ to SQL. When working with local databases on Windows Phone, Windows Phone and Windows 8. 1.