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2019-09-22 13:36

The iPhone doesnt have a shortage of video editing apps. In fact, therere so many its almost impossible to choose among them. But when it comes to the right combination of features and usability on the arguably iPhone screen, we like Splice. Platform: iPhone PriceHow can the answer be improved? top video editor for iphone 6

Your iPhone has an amazing video camera, but that doesn't guarantee great footage, and even the best of movies can benefit from a few cuts, trims and wellchosen effects. The App Store has a host of free video editing apps which claim they can help, but actually have many hidden catches: ads, watermarks, an 'x minute' limit on video

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Pocket Spielbergs: the 12 best video editing apps for mobile Turn your home movie clips into Cannesworthy miniepics with a few simple swipes by Craig Grannell Top 10 Best Video Editors for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Nowadays there're plenty video editing apps that fulfill specific roles, like just adding music or making video slideshows out of the photos you already have, but there's little choice when it comes to powerful apps that enable you to edit videos, add filters, make transitions and sharetop video editor for iphone 6

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