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2019-09-17 08:22

Unisa encourage prospective students (Undergraduate and Postgraduates) to apply online as possible for 2018 second semester. . Unisa Application closing date are2019 application for admission. Undergraduate qualifications Unisa students waiting for May June 2018 exam results have until 30 July 2018 to register for unisa applications & admissions portal

2018 2019 University of South Africa (UNISA) Portal. Zarportal University of South Africa (UNISA) Application For Admissions. Apply for Admission At UNISA;

unisa applications admissions

Student portal for current students. APPLY FOR ADMISSION. Apply for admission to study at Unisa in 2019. REGISTER TO STUDY. Registration for 2018. RESEARCH. Sep 04, 2013 Check admission application status for UNISA Their mail department is disconnected from admissions so your documentation may have arrived but could have goneunisa applications & admissions portal Have you applied online for your Unisa course? Unisa is changing and students who don t follow the new application model will not be eligible to register for their courses in 2014.

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unisa. ac. za Check Your Application Status: University of South UNISA Admission 2018 Application I filled my application online at the self help portal at unisa applications & admissions portal Admissions Admissions; Apply for Based on Unisa's application and selection process, Incorrect incomplete applications will be rejected. Apply for Admission At UNISA Student Portal; If your application for admission is successful and you accept Unisas offer, Welcome to Unisa Web registration have successfully applied for admission. Get an estimate of your study fees before you continue with your application.