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Welcome to Struts 2 Tutorial series where we will explore how to create web application by using Struts 2. In this tutorial, we will first make a very simple Login module, then add features of Hibernate and Tiles, Ajax, Interceptor, Validator, etc. Finally, it will be a fully functional Struts 2 webApr 25, 2013  Download Struts Applications for free. The StrutsSourceForge site hosts sample applications and related components based on the Apache Struts Web application framework. Disclaimer: This site is not struts 2 applications

In this tutorial we will create a webapp using Struts2 framework. Step by step we will create Action class, ResouceBundle file struts. xml, JSP to display results and also we will add basic validation to our application.

struts applications

Action class is the key to Struts 2 application and we implement most of the business logic in action class. So let us create a java file under Java Resources src with a package name with the contents given Developing Struts 2 Login Application In this section we are going to develop login application based on Struts 2 Framework. Our current login application does not validate the user against the database. Instead login name and password are validated against the hardcode values (User: Admin and Password: Admin) in the actions class.struts 2 applications Apache Struts 2 is an MVC framework used for creating Java web applications. Web applications usually involve interaction with database, execution of business logic and rendering the result on the browser.

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