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Should IBOutlets be strong or weak under ARC? Ask Question. All those are fully updated for iOS 9, and all use weak outlets. From this we learn that A. The issue is not as simple as some people make it out to be. B. Apple has changed their mind repeatedly, and C. Which storage (weak or strong) for the elements underneath the mainJul 22, 2018 Tutorial No. 2: Weak versus Strong Reference [ios swift 4. 1 code ios storage weak vs strong

Strong and Weak help with retainrelease cycles (RRC), a form of memory leak. iOS uses something called Automatic Reference Countin (ARC) to know when an object is in use and should be kept in memory, or is no longer in

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retain is the old version of strong. You're telling the system to keep that property around until you let it go (in the case of retain ) or the system determines it no longer needs it (in the case of strong ). Should Outlets Be Weak or Strong. by Bart Jacobs May 22, 2017 Memory Management. Swift 4 Xcode 9 iOS 11. Should outlets be declared weak or strong? Its a question that pops up surprisingly frequently. In this tutorial, Id like to definitively answer this question. I also explain the why of the answer.ios storage weak vs strong Feb 05, 2018  Hi, From a practical perspective, in iOS and OS X outlets should be defined as declared properties. Outlets should generally be weak, except for those from Files Owner to toplevel objects in a nib file (or, in iOS, a storyboard scene) which should be strong.

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In Swift, all weak references are nonconstant Optionals (think var vs. let) because the reference can and will be mutated to nil when there is no longer anything holding a strong reference to it. For example, this won't compile: ios storage weak vs strong Explanation of strong and weak storage in iOS5. Ask Question. For a weak pointer to point to something valid then yes there must be a strong pointer. Add to that the fact that iOS 5 and Lion support autonilling of weak references and you get what you say. iOS 4's runtime does not support that though. Strong and Weak References So far, weve said that anytime a pointer variable stores the address of an object, that object has an owner and will stay alive. This is known as a strong reference. Jul 21, 2018 Tutorial 2: Difference Between Weak and Strong References [ios swift 4. 1 xcode app development programming