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KHOMO iPad mini 4 case. New to our list for January, dont be fooled by the color name, this KHOMO iPad mini 4 case is not actually carbon fiber, its just the design.Feb 11, 2013 iPad Mini Lightweight Hard Shell case. If a generic hardshell case is what you're looking for, this is it. Available in a several different colors, this one's a decent deal at 16. Price: 16 See pricing for the iPad Mini Lightweight Hard Shell case from Amazon. com. best ipad mini 4 cases cnet

Accessories for iPad mini 4 Choose an iPad mini case in your favorite color and protect your device in style. From Smart Covers, which are easy to snap on and can fold into a stand, to Silicone Cases that maintain the silhouette of the iPad mini 4, you can achieve the look and feel that you like best.

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Apples design team always strives for svelte minimalism, and the iPad Mini 4 is the slimmest and lightest in the series so far. The company shaved a healthy 1. 4 millimeters and 32 grams off the latest iteration of the device, allowing it to quickly outshine the nowdiscontinued iPad Mini 3 in terms of both size and weight. Available for the iPad Mini 123, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2, this case is a featherlight five ounces in weight for the iPad Mini version. All of your iPad ports are still accessible, yet the polyurethane front and polycarbonate back keep your iPad from getting scuffed orbest ipad mini 4 cases cnet Feb 07, 2013 The Apple iPad mini is smaller version of the iPad 3 and iPad 4 but without the retina display. We have really liked with the iPad mini that is small and thin and easier to carry around. The iPad mini is also cheaper than the iPad 3 and 4 which is why lots of people are buying the ipad mini over the iPad 4.

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Dec 19, 2013 Best iPad Mini Retina cases and covers. The iPad Mini with Retina Display may look a lot like the original iPad Mini, but it's a tad thicker and has an extra microphone on the back that none of the leaked specs revealed. best ipad mini 4 cases cnet Both cases can be ordered to fit a bare iPad mini, or slightly larger to fit an iPad mini wearing a Smart Cover. Dan Frakes STM Blazer D7 Sleeve Though not specifically made for the iPad mini, STMs 25 Blazer D7 Sleeve fits the tablet well, is light (just five ounces), and offers solid protection you can carry alone or inside another bag. Our favorite case for the iPad mini 4 is Khomos Dual Case. Its inexpensive, its protective, and it comes in a variety of colors. You wont find a lot of competition in iPad mini cases these days, but this is the best option among them unless you need superrugged protection. The Mini 9 uses a keyboard the width of the bigger iPad, so the case is the biggest one in this collection. The iPad mini snaps into the lid, which must be done carefully to ensure all of the tablet controls line up with the cutouts for proper access.