Ephemeral application meaning

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Ephemeral can also be used as an adjective to refer to a fastdeteriorating importance or temporary nature of an object to a person. Brands are notoriously ephemeral assets, and magazine publishing was once much more ephemeral than itWhile ephemeral messaging is reshaping the landscape of digital communication, it is also raising questions around data privacy, data permanence and data security. Snapchat is a wellknown example of an ephemeral messaging application. ephemeral application meaning

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ephemeral application meaning

Definition of ephemeral in English: ephemeral. adjective. Happiness for Aristotle is not a fleeting feeling or an ephemeral passion. I mean what could you possibly win, apart from cash and the kind of frankly transitory and ephemeral lasting a very short time; shortlived; transitory: the ephemeral joys of childhood. lasting but one day: an ephemeral flower.ephemeral application meaning the autumnal blaze of colors is always to be treasured, all the more so because it is so ephemeral Recent Examples of ephemeral from the Web Its investments are evermore ephemeral, progressing from commodities to movies to arbitrage.

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Trying to collect, record, and preserve the history of ephemeral works of art can be hard but these unique works of art are worth the effort. ephemeral application meaning Ephemeral Port Definition An ephemeral port is a temporary communication hub used for Internet Protocol (IP) communications. It is created from a Summary: Usability tests of 46 Flash applications identified basic issues related to the ephemeral nature of Webembedded apps. Some findings restate old truths about GUIs; others reflect the Net's new status as nexus of the user experience. Define ephemeral. ephemeral synonyms, ephemeral pronunciation, ephemeral translation, English dictionary definition of ephemeral. adj. 1. Lasting for a markedly brief time: There remain some truths too ephemeral to be captured in the cold pages of a court transcript . 2. Perhaps ephemeral apps are the killer application of trusted computing technology. (If a killer app doesn't appear soon, then I suspect the TPM will cease to exist. ) mt